Self-ligating Brackets

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WePass Ultra Passive S L Brackets
Comfortable Throughout Whole Treatment Process

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Product Introduction

WePass Ultra Metal Passive Self-ligating Brackets

Locking system with U.S. Patent No.: US10617491B2


a. Best seller in China for many years.

b. Classic design and advanced technique offer greater comfort and aesthetics.

c. MBT, High Torque Prescriptions for choice

Precise & Efficient

1) MIM technique provides high precision and better consistency with all prescriptions built in.

2) Precise slot +in/out dimensions ensure accurate expression of bracket’s prescription and efficient teeth movement.

3) Precise and smooth surface reduces friction between wire and slot.

Smooth & Comfortable

1) New compact 3D design with ultra-rounded shape

2) Adequate ligating space

Convenient & Reliable

1) 3B's Patent Locking Mechanism ensures the clip work reliable, stable and efficient during lifetime of treatment. The clip can open and close for 300 times without problem.
2) New material and new structure of the locking system

3) Easy wire replacement

4) Center Scribe Line for more accurate bracket positioning  

5) Locking clips open direction: upper - occlusal; lower - gingival

6) Vertical slot for traction hook 

Stable & Professional 

1) Laser welding technique ensures firm joint of body & base

2) Torque in base design

3) 80# mesh base for maximum bond strength

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